The SMARTERHartford site and tools are created by Achieve Hartford! in partnership with Hartford Public Schools.

Achieve Hartford! is an independent nonprofit organization founded by business and community leaders with the belief that strong schools lead to a strong city. As Mayors, Boards of Education and Superintendents change over time, we are the consistent voice pushing for high-quality education in our city since 2008.

Our Mission

Through independent research, evaluation, and engaging the community, Achieve Hartford! creates urgency and shared responsibility for closing the educational achievement gap in Hartford.

Our Vision

In our envisioned future, the entire Hartford community values high-quality public education and maintains high expectations of both the schools and the children in Hartford. Students graduate prepared for college and career, thereby building a viable talent pipeline for local businesses and secure futures for Hartford residents.

Our Values

High Expectations:

We believe every participant in the educational system, including students, parents, teachers, community leaders, district leaders, and the Board of Education, has the capacity to perform at high levels and fulfill their highest potential.

Fact-Based Decision-Making:

We value the use of unbiased data and analysis as the platform for decision-making.


We believe that sustainable progress comes from the incorporation of all voices from across our community in the reform efforts.

Collective Action:

Only through shared responsibility and the alignment of efforts and resources will significant progress be made toward ensuring Hartford students succeed.

Our Strengths

Achieve Hartford! operates through 4 core strengths:
• Our expertise in data analysis fosters transparency;
• Our expertise in communications drives urgency;
• Our independent position and our willingness to hold everyone accountable breeds trust; and
• Our understanding of Hartford’s residential community gives us credibility.

To learn more about Achieve Hartford! please visit our website.