The School Comparison Tool allows you to compare basic information about two different schools. Data includes school type, enrollment, grades included, demographic data, chronic absence rates, and Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT)/Connecticut Academic Performance Test (CAPT) rankings and scores. The CMT and CAPT were last administered in 2013. These tests will be replaced by the Smarter Balanced Assessment in Spring 2015. The data on this website will be updated once it is available after these tests are administered.

How to use the tool

Select the schools that you would like to compare from the two drop down menus at the top of the tool. All of the data for those schools will be displayed in the column below the school choices. The CMT and CAPT Ranks compare those schools with other Hartford Public Schools (HPS) schools. The Percentages of Students Eligible for Free/Reduced Lunch, English Language Learner Services, and Special Education Services are based off of the 2012-13 CMT and CAPT takers. If a chart displays 0%, it means that the whole student population is eligible for that service. The 2012-13 CMT and CAPT at/above Proficient charts display the percentage of students who achieved Proficient or higher on the CMT or CAPT.