How to Use the Map

The Hartford Public School District (HPS) has divided the city geographically into four areas. The shaded areas on the map divided by the red outline show each zone. Your home zone determines your eligibility for transportation. Please see Hartford Public Schools transportation information for distance guidelines. After entering your address and child’s grade in the Fall, the mapping tool will star your location within your home zone on the map and display the zone you live in under the address bar. A student can receive placement preference based on home zone, sibling preference and pathway schools. The distance calculated on the mapping tool measures a direct line from the starting address to the school selected. Distances for transportation purposes should be confirmed through HPS or the Regional School Choice Office (RSCO).

The school listing table under the map displays the school name, which can be clicked to go to that school's website. In parentheses next to the school, the school manager (i.e. HPS, the Capitol Region Education Council, etc) is displayed. Schools managed by HPS will have a link to a school report created by Achieve Hartford, which can be accessed by clicking "Get AH Report" under the school name. Schools can be sorted by distance by clicking on the "Distance" header on the top of the school listing table. Application and transportation information for each school can be accessed by clicking on the links to the right of each school. 


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    Source: View school data from state, city, and districts, with additional content by Achieve Hartford
    Search tool: See GitHub code by Robert Steller, based on School Search Tool by DataViz at Trinity College, and Searchable Map Template by Derek Eder