This page is for older reports which have not been reproduced in subsequent years, and so contain outdated information. They are available here for historical context.


Achievement Gap - In this report, we examine the state of Hartford student achievement by comparing the district's performance on the state's standardized tests to other districts in the state. This report uses the Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT) and Connecticut Academic Performance Test (CAPT), which were last administered in 2013. These tests were replaced by the Smarter Balanced Assessment in Spring 2015.


How Fast are Hartford Students Progressing? - This mini-report analyzes the pace of growth that cohorts of students within, and between, schools make as they move from 3rd to 8th grade. 


HPS & CREC Magnet School Comparison - This report analyzes the performance of Hartford Public Schools (HPS) magnet schools in relationship to magnet schools operated by the Capitol Region Education Council (CREC).


Pre-Kindergarten Availability and Access in Hartford Region Magnet and Open Choice Schools - A report created by the Sheff Movement addressing some of the common questions about the scope and demand of the Greater Hartford Area’s Magnet and Open Choice Pre-K program including: How many Hartford and suburban students are in publicly funded Pre-K programs of all types? How many Regional School Choice Office (RSCO) Pre-K seats are available? How do available RSCO Pre-K seats correspond to demand, particularly between Pre-K and Kindergarten? And finally, what are potential obstacles for families in accessing RSCO Pre-K programs?


Who Chooses in Hartford? - Which Hartford-area families were more (or less) likely to apply for public school choice options, and how do they vary by student characteristics & achievement, school composition, and neighborhood demographics? This report, created by Trinity College, offers a statistical analysis of RSCO applicants versus non-applicants among 6,673 Hartford-resident students enrolled in Hartford Public Schools (HPS) — both district schools and interdistrict magnet schools — from grades 3 through 7 in Spring 2012.