The Special Topics section will answer questions outside of the other categories, including: which schools are experiencing drastic changes in enrollment numbers and how Hartford Public Schools (HPS) and the Capitol Region Education Council (CREC) magnet schools compare.


Pre-Kindergarten Availability and Access in Hartford Region Magnet and Open Choice Schools - A report created by the Sheff Movement addressing some of the common questions about the scope and demand of the Greater Hartford Area’s Magnet and Open Choice Pre-K program including: How many Hartford and suburban students are in publicly funded Pre-K programs of all types? How many Regional School Choice Office (RSCO) Pre-K seats are available? How do available RSCO Pre-K seats correspond to demand, particularly between Pre-K and Kindergarten? And finally, what are potential obstacles for families in accessing RSCO Pre-K programs?


Who Chooses in Hartford? - Which Hartford-area families were more (or less) likely to apply for public school choice options, and how do they vary by student characteristics & achievement, school composition, and neighborhood demographics? This report, created by Trinity College, offers a statistical analysis of RSCO applicants versus non-applicants among 6,673 Hartford-resident students enrolled in Hartford Public Schools (HPS) — both district schools and interdistrict magnet schools — from grades 3 through 7 in Spring 2012.